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In 2004 when Steven Hill published his book 10 Steps to Repair American Democracy, one book critic referred to him as "the bearded, mussy-haired, Yale educated author who knows his subject as well as anyone”.

Today we know Hill as a co-founder of FairVote, and the founding director of the Political Reform Program at the New America Foundation. We know him as a leading activist whose tireless efforts helped bring about fundamental voting reform in America.

Hill is best known as a noted author, columnist, lecturer and guest on radio and TV. He is a gifted writer and speaker with a European outlook and a passion for issues on topics related to comparative economic, political, and social practices in the U.S. and Europe.

Here's a perfect example. Listen to this!! It's Steven Hill reading an extract from Europe's Promise and delivering a compelling pitch for health care European style.

Great stuff!! Get the entire broadcast interview at Public Radio KALW News with Crosscurrents' host Ben Trefny from the San Francisco Bay Area.

Hill's recent book, Europe's Promise: Why The European Way Is The Best Hope In An Insecure Age, is seriously a great read. His writing style is lively and the issues could not be more timely.

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Europe's Promise:
US vs Europe

About the book: the trans-Atlantic debate, speeches, lectures, discussions, videos, interviews, the European book tour, talk radio sessions, blog postings, articles, and reports
Greece & California:
Debt Crisis

Financial crisis, deficits, public debt, budget, EU intervention, bailouts, taxation, IOU's, Euro-zone stability, bonds, PIIGS, financial industry
President Obama
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International Issues
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Health Care
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Social & Democratic Reform
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Labor & Management
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Green Agenda
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Worldview: Outside Europe
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Covers countries and regions in: Asia and the Pacific, Middle East, Africa, Russia, Eastern Europe and South America
Steven Hill in Athens
Steven Hill visited Athens during his Speaking Tour of 20 European cities in 2010. The following special events were sponsored by the Athens Chapter of Democrats Abroad Greece:
  • 16 October: lecture – Athens Cultural Center 
  • 18 October: Keynote address – Greek Foreign Ministry 
  • 4 December: Interviews with: PM Papandreou and Deputy Minister Kouvelis 

Steven Hill Bookshelf
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Today there are a number of threats to the democratic process in the U.S.
Conservative forces like the Tea Party have created a gridlock in Washington. Recent Supreme Court rulings are turning civil liberties and voting rights inside out.

Hill’s book is perhaps more timely now than ever. It identifies America’s worst threats to the democratic process and puts forward strategies to improve our electoral and voting systems.